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The curtains will today roll down on the Vodacom Miss Tanzania beauty contest finals, which will be held at the ultra modern Mlimani City Hall, Dar es Salaam.

Out of the hundreds girls who started off in the preliminaries four months ago, only 30 will today parade in front of the bench of judges as they battle for the crown of ‘the most beautiful woman in the United Republic’.

The epic show comes after four weeks of grueling training and rehearsal exercise under the tutelage of reigning beauty queen Genevieve Mpangala at the Vodacom House in Dar es Salaam.

The month saw the girls undergo an overhauled training system that has taken a reality TV show shape.
During this time viewers were afforded the opportunity to acquaint themselves with beauties as they went through their daily chores.

Given this new orientation which required viewers to vote it won’t be surprising that viewers have already made their choices for whom they want to be crowned queen come Saturday night.

And as a matter of fact they are spoilt for choice as all deserve that top spot given the qualities they have exhibited so far.

However, as the belles parade today evening for a chance of a lifetime, five have already qualified with special honours after winning in various fast track events.

The fast track winners were awarded the Top Model, Miss Talent, Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality and Top Sports Woman titles.

The lucky ones so far are Mwajabu Juma who won the Top Model, Alexia Willims the Miss Personality, Loveness Flaviana the Sports Woman, Tracy Sospeter who was named Miss Photogenic and Rose Hubert who completed the list when she was named Miss Talent.

The winner of the coveted national crown shall join other beauties on from the rest of the world on November 6, to contest for the Miss World Prize at the 61st edition at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Given Tanzania’s dismal performance in the past the organisers have promised that their aim this time round is to get a contestant who can emulate Nancy Sumari’s 2005 feat.

As many pundits have echoed that it is a contest that will go down to the wire, it will be up to Dar es Salaam, a region that has produced many queens in the last 15 years, to lose or retain the title.

In the bid for glory Dar weighs in with Husna Twalib, Cynthia Kimasha and Mwajab Juma from Temeke Zone, Grace Titus and Weirungu David from the Open University.

Others are Glory Lory and Blessing Ngowi from Higher Learning, Stella Mbuge, Husna Maulid and Hamisa Hussein from Kinondoni Zone and Salha Israel, Alexia Willims and Jenifer Kakolaki from Ilala.

Chiaru Masonobo, Zerulia Manoko, Maua Kimambo, Dalilah Ghalib, and Christine Mwenegoha represent Central Region and Christine William, Atu Daniel and Leyla Juma represent the Southern highlands.

Zubeda Seif, Stacey Alfred and Rose Hubert represent the Northern Zone and Loveness Flavian, Asha Salehe and Mariaclara Mathayo hail from the Eastern Zone, while Tracy Sospeter, Irene Karugaba and Glory Samwel are from the Lake Zone.

The prizes
However, unlike last year when Genevieve Mpangala broke Mwanza’s two year dominance in the competition, won only a car and other prizes worth a decimal Sh22 million, this year the winds of fortune have brought something better.

After the sharp fall in the winner’s prize by almost four fold, organisers announced early on this week that this year’s winner will drive home a Sh72 million Jeep Patriot courtesy of CFAO motors.

The four wheel drive beats any other grand prize that beauty queen have won since the inception of the contest in 1994, Mariam Gerald’s Suzuki Grand Vitara worth Sh53.2million and Sylivia Bahame’s 2003 Nissan Hardbody being the closest competitors.

Apart from the whooping Sh72 million car the winner will also walk home with Sh8 million in cash.

The first runner-up will settle for Sh6.2 million while the second runner-up will take home sh4 million. The fourth and fifth winners will be awarded Sh3million and Sh2.4 million respectively.

For their efforts the sixth to 16th will be awarded sh1.2 million each while the 17th to 30th will take home a consolation prize of Sh700, 000 each.

The cash prizes bring the grand total of the money to be spent on prizes alone to approximately Sh120 million.

The judges
The men and women charged with the job have a tall order and have already been through the pre-contest judging at the House and other selected places.

The rich bench include experienced hands at the job such as C. Magori , John Njoroge, Bernard Mrunya and Martin Ngadada.

Others on the bench include J. Diaz, Miss Tanzania Committee chairman Prashant Patel, Vicky Lukindo and US-based Tanzanian model Cynthia Masasi.

Their decision aided with the votes cast by viewers will be of paramount importance given the fact that the international contest is only six weeks away.

Tanzania first got its beauty queen in 1994 when Anna Maeda won the crown. She was then followed by Emily Adolph in 1995 before Soshe Sinare did it the following year.

Then Saida Kessy from Arusha broke the Dar dominance in 1997when she swept the crown which was then known as Aspen Miss Tanzania at an emotional event held at Diamond Jubilee Hall.

Basila Mwanukuzi from Kinondoni won the pageant in 1998, followed by Ilala’s Hoyce Temu and Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Dar es Salaam continued to dominate the pageant in 2001 through Temeke’s Happiness Millen Magese who won the pageant and followed by Angela Damas in 2002.

Temeke was in the thick of things again in 2003 through Sylvia Bahame and later Kinondoni dominated the pageant through Faraja Kotta, Nancy Sumari, Wema Sepetu and Richa Adhia in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Before the reigning queen Genevieve Mpangala whose term comes to an end today Mwanza had take a two-year winning streak with Nasrin Karim and Miriam Gerald winning in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Genevieve Mpangala
She came in at a time when the industry was riddled with scandals and though many were quick to include her in the same band wagon, she went on to prove herself.

She has with time won herself many admirers as she the daughter of former sportsman Emmanuel Mpangala went on to lead a spotless life during her tenure.

She follows in the footsteps of beauty queens who have carried themselves with the deserved modesty.
However this doesn’t rule out the fact that there have been some wild cats among the pigeons too.

Wema Sepetu who won the crown in 2006 has been in and out of the cold prison cells for a couple of times, this is not to mention all the wrong headlines she has hit in the tabloids.


Picha kupitia TBC1.

Watu 250 wameokolewa wakiwa hai katika meli iliyozama ya Mv Spice Islanders iliyokuwa ikitokea Bandari ya Malindi Unguja kuelekea Bandari ya Wete Kisiwani Pemba.

Waziri wa nchi Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais Mohamed Aboud Mohamed amesema watu hao wameokolewa na vikosi vya uokoaji na wananchi mbalimbali wanaotoa msaada wa uokozi katika tukio la kuzama kwa meli hiyo Nungwi Mkoa wa Kaskazini unguja.

Waziri Aboud amesema watu hao wamesafirishwa kwa kutumia Boti zinazokwenda kwa kasi za zanzibar ambazo zilikwenda kutoa msaada katika eneo la tukio.

Amesema watu hao baada ya kufika Bandari ya Malindi Unguja watapelekwa Viwnja vya maisara kwa ajili ya kuungana na familia na jamaa zao.

Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi, Dk Ali mohamed Shein yupo katika eneo la tukio huko Nungwi ili kujionea hali halisi ya tukio hilo na maendeleo yake.


Friday, September 9, 2011


MABONDIA Mbwana Matumla wa Temeke na Francis Miyeyusho wa Kinondoni Dar es Salaam wanatarajia kupanda ulingoni katika pambano la kudhihirishiana ubabe kati ya mabondia wa Temeke na Kinondoni litakalofanyika Oktoba 30 mwaka huu.

Pambano hilo pia litafuatiwa na lingine kati ya Ramadhani Shauri wa Kinondoni dhidi ya Issa Sewe wa Temeke ambapo yote yatafanyika katika ukumbi wa Diamond Jubilee, Dar es Salaam.

Akizungumza Dar es Salaam jana, Kocha Msaidizi wa Kambi ya Kinyogoli Foundation ya Dar es Salaam, Rajabu Mhamila 'Super D' alisema mapambano hayo yameandaliwa na Promota Mohamedi Bawaziri kuhamashisha mchezo huo.

"Mabondia wote wameanza mazoezi na kwa upande wa Temeke wapo kambini chini ya Kinyogori Foundation chini ya kocha Habibu Kinyogori akishirikiana na mimi na tunawaandaa kucheza ngumi za kisasa sio kurusha ngumi bila mpangilio.," alitamba Super D

Alisema pambano kati ya Matumla na Miyeyusho litakuwa la uzani wa Bantam Weight kilogramu 54 ambapo Shauri na Sewe watacheza kilogramu 58, uzito mwepesi (Light Weight).

Alisema licha ya kuhamasisha, kumekuwepo na tambo za mda mrefu kati ya mabondia wa Kinondoni, na wenzao wa Temeke ambapo mashabiki watajionea mapambano hayo.

Kocha huyo alisema mapambano hayo yatasindikizwa na mengine kutoka kwa mabondia wa Temeke na Kinondoni ambapo pia kutakuwepo na burudani mbalimbali zitakazotangazwa baadae.

Super D Boxing Coach
Photojournalist at Majira, Business Times
Mob;+255787 406930
Po.Box. 15493
Dar es Salaam Tanzania


Wakulima wa Maharage Machanga (Fresh Beans) kutoka Wilaya ya Arusha (Arusha DC) na Meru (Meru DC) wamekutana katika Ofisi za TAHA kwania ya kujadili na kuanisha Changamoto wanazokumbana nazo katika biashara ya zao hilo. Mkutano huo umefanyika hivi karibuni kufuatia maamuzi waliyopitishwa katika mkutano wa kwanza uliofanyika Tarehe 6 Mwezi 8 2011 ambapo wakulima hao walikubaliana kuwa na Mikutano ya aina hiyo kila Mwezi.

Katika Mkutano huo mambo makuu manne yalijadiliwa kwa kirefu na kutolewa muafaka likiwepo suala la Soko la Fresh beans kushuka bei ambapo Ilidhihirika wazi kuwa Wanunuzi wakubwa wa zao hilo kwa sasa ni kutoka Kenya nayo makampuni kutoka nchini humo yakiongezeka siku baada ya siku.

Mbinu inayotumiwa na Wanunuzi hawa ni kununua kwa bei tofauti tofauti kutoka kwa Mkulima Mmoja hadi mwingine bila kuwa na Mkataba wa aina yoyote kitu ambacho kimepelekea Wakulima hao kuuza mazao yao kwa bei ya Chini.
Pili wakulima hao waliazimia kuunda chombo cha Wakulima kusimamia ushawishi wa bei nzuri na kuwa wakulima wote watauza kwa kuzingatia bei iliyopitishwa.

Aidha ili kufanikisha utekelezaji wa shughuli za wakulima na kutoa mwelekeao sahihi katika bei na utetezi sahihi juu ya maslahi ya Wakulima kwa kuwa na sauti kuu ya pamoja wakulima kwa pamoja walipendekeza na kukubaliana kuunda Umoja wa Vikundi vya Wakulima (Commercial Farmers Associations_CFA) wa Fresh Beans kutoka Wilaya za Arusha DC na Meru DC.

Changamoto nyingine iliyojitokeza katika mkutano huo ilikuwa ni Mtaji kwenye kilimo hicho hasa pembejeo kama mbolea, mbegu na ukosefu wa mtaji ambao umewageuza wakulima hao kuwa vibarua kwa mashamba yao huku wenye pesa kumiminika kwa wingi kwenye mashamba yao kwa kutoa fedha na kuyakodisha mashamba hayo kujinufaisha wakiwaacha wakulima hao dhoofu in hali.

Kwa kauli moja Wajumbe hao wamekubaliana na kuweka Mkakati wa kuanzisha Vikundi vya kuweka na Kukopa (VICOBA Village Community Bank) ambapo kila Mkulima atapaswa kuchangia kiwango fulani ili kumpa fursa ya kupata fedha pindi anapohitaji.

TAHA kwa upande wake ikiwakilishwa na Mr. Isaac Ndamanhyilu ambaye ni Afisa Utetezi Jamii wa TAHA, amesisitiza juu ya Wakulima hao kuwa na Umoja ili kujenga sauti ya pamoja na kuwa TAHA ipo sambamba nao katika kufanikisha yote waliyokubaliana kwani ni jukumu lake kufanya hivyo.

Kikao Kingine Kitafanyika Tarehe 8/10/2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Side A katika ujenzi.

Side B.


Kutoka kaunta ya juu.

Ukarabati unaendelea Dansing flo.


Kutaz' na Konaz'

Ni kiunga gani, Pataitwaje, Ufunguzi lini? Atashuka nani?......



Ubalozi wetu wa Tanzania Hapa Nchini Uingereza Kwa Kushirikiana na Ofisi ya Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano Tanzania wamewateua Linda Kapinga na Lucy Minde ili kwenda kutuwakilisha katika mkutano wa nne wa Commonwealth Youth Parliament ( Bunge la Vijana) ulioanza tarehe 6-10 Septemba 2011 jijini London. Kushoto Lucy na Linda katika picha ya pamoja Ubalozini.

Mkutano huu Umeandaliwa na Commonwealth Parliamentary Association tawi la Uingereza ikishirikishwa na Sekretarieti ya CPA ambayo ni Umoja wa Mabunge ya Jumuiya ya Madola. Katibu wake ni Mwafrika wa kwanza kuteuliwa na Pia ni Mtanzania mwenzetu Dr William Shija.

Mh Naibu Balozi katika picha ya pamoja Lucy na Linda walioteuliwa kutuwakilisha katika Bunge la vijana.

MH Naibu balozi kwenye picha ya Pamoja akiwa na baadhi ya maofisa wa ubalozi, TMK na mapromota wao waliokuja kuwaunga mkono Lindon.

Lucy Akitoa Ufafanuzi wakati wa mahojiano.

Urban Pulse Na Miss Jestina wakifanya mahojiano na Linda.

Lengo kuu la mkutano huu ni kuwawezesha vijana kati ya miaka 19-29 kwa kuwapatia uzoefu wa shughuli za Bunge hasa katika kuimarisha demokrasia ya mabunge na Uchumi. Motto wa Mkutano wa mwaka huu "MABADILIKO YA HALI YA HEWA"

Ubalozi wa Tanzania hapa Uingereza unapenda kuwapongeza sana Linda Kapinga na Lucy Minde kwa kuchaguliwa kwao na pia kuwatakia kila la kheri katika kutuwakilisha kwenye mkutano huu.

Hisani ya Urban Pulse ikishirikiana Miss Jestina Blog Na Ubalozi wa Tanzania


Hebu jaribu....unajisikiaje, .........miye zoezi limemalizika saa mingi!

Square watermelons (matikitimaji mraba).

Kwa wale wenye kusumbuliwa na mafua makali huu hapa ubunifu wa ziada... Head me some paper roll.


Amesema uzoefu unaonyesha shughuli za siasa hasa zinazoratibiwa na Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC), zimekuwa zikiingiliwa na vyombo hivyo jambo ambalo siyo sahihi.

Seif ambaye pia ni Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar (SMZ), aliyasema hayo mjini Igunga baada ya kuwasili akitokea Tabora. Alipokewa na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Igunga, Fatuma Kimario.

“Hivi sasa macho ya Watanzania wote yapo Igunga kuangalia nini kitatokea na nimeambiwa vyama tisa vya siasa vimeweka wagombea kushiriki uchaguzi huu.

“Ninaiomba Kamati ya Ulinzi na Usalama kuwa makini katika kusimamia jukumu zima la usalama kwa kipindi chote cha kampeni hadi uchaguzi utakapofanyika.

“Mara nyingi hisia zimekuwa zikionyesha vyombo hivi vinaingilia uchaguzi. Ninakuomba Mkuu wa Wilaya hili lisitokee kwani hata sisi tutakusaidia lisitokee,” alisema Seif.

Pamoja na maelezo mengi aliyotoa, mwanasiasa huyo alionyesha hofu kwa kusema kuwa matatizo wakati wa uchaguzi mara nyingi hutokea wakati wa kujumlisha kura kwa kuwa wakati huo ndiyo baadhi ya watu hutaka kufanya hujuma.

“Hatupendi kuona vyombo mnavyoviongoza vikiingilia uchaguzi na hata kulazimika kutumia nguvu kubwa ya mabomu kuwatisha wananchi kwa sababu matatizo mara nyingi hutokea wakati wa majumuisho ya kura,” alisema.

Akizungumzia vyama vya siasa vinavyoshiriki uchaguzi huo, alivitaka kufanya kampeni za ustaarabu kwa kufuata taratibu zilizowekwa na NEC kwa kuwa kila chama kina ratiba ya uchaguzi huo.

Katika kikao hicho, Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa CUF Tanzania Bara, Julius Mtatiro, alimtambulisha mgombea wa chama hicho, Leopold Mahona.

Katika hali isiyotarajiwa, jana mchana misafara ya wafuasi wa vyama vya CUF na CHADEMA, iligongana njiani wakati wagombea wa ubunge walipokuwa wakirudisha fomu katika Ofisi ya Mkurugenzi wa Wilaya ya Igunga.

Baada ya misafara hiyo kugongana, wafuasi wa vyama hivyo walirushiana maneno ya kejeli huku kila upande ukisema utashinda katika uchaguzi huo.

Katika tukio hilo, mgombea wa Chadema alikuwa amepita njia tofauti kuelekea ofisini kwa Mkurugenzi na mgombea wa CUF alikuwa amepita njia nyingine lakini wakakutana katika makutano ya barabara.

Baada ya kurushiana maneno kwa muda, misafara hiyo ilitengana njia lakini pande hizo mbili zilikutana tena katika ofisi za Mkurugenzi.

Pamoja na kurushiana maneno, pande hizo zilianza kuelewana baada ya viongozi wa misafara hiyo kuzungumza kirafiki.

Hisani ya MTANZANIA.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011




Msafara wa magari wenye ulinzi na silaha kutoka Libya umevuka mpaka kuingia nchini Niger, ripoti zinasema.Msafara huo unaaminika ni wa wapiganaji wa Tuareg waliopewa mafunzo na Kanali Muammar Gaddafi aliyekimbia nchi kupigania utawala wake ukielekea katika mji wa Agadez ambapo haijafahamika wazi iwapo kuna mwanafamilia yeyote wa Kanali Gaddafi katika msafara huo. Msemaji wake alisema Gaddafi mwenyewe bado yuko Libya.

Kanali Gaddafi ameapa atapigana mpaka kufa, ingawa amepoteza sehemu kubwa ya udhibiti wake nchini Libya.

Nato, ambayo imekuwa ikiendesha harakati za kijeshi za anga kuunga mkono Maamuzi ya Umoja wa Mataifa kuwalinda ria wa Libya, imekataa kusema chochote katika ripoti yake.

Msafara huo wenye silaha umevuka mpaka na kuingia Niger na kufika mji wa Agadez Jumatatu, taarifa za kijeshi kutoka Ufaransa na Niger zimelifikia Shirika la Habari la Reuters.

Wamesema msafara huo una magari kati ya 200 na 250 na unasindikizwa na jeshi la Niger. Wasemaji kutoka Agadez wameiambia BBC kuwa kati ya magari hayo 200, 60 ni ya Libya na yaliyosalia ni kutoka Niger.

Baadaye afisa mmoja kutoka Baraz la Mpito la Taifa Libya (NTC) aliliambia Shirka la Habari la Reuters kuwa msafara huo umebeba dhahabu na fedha na umevuka kuingia Niger kutoka katika mji unaoshikiliwa na Gaddafi wa Jufra.


Shirika lisilokuwa la kiserikali la Under The Same Sun limetoa msaada wa miwani kwa watu 204 wenye uono hafifu hususani watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi (Albino) na wengine 45 kupewa vifaa maalum vya kukuzia maandishi. Dr. Rebeca Cammer akimvalisha miwani mtoto Henry Abel anayesoma Shule ya Lake View

Alfred Kapole Mwenyekiti wa chama cha maalbino mkoa wa Mwanza kwa upande wake aliiomba Selikali kutoa msisitizo na kipaumbele kwa walemavu wa ngozi mashuleni wasihusishwe na kazi za juani ikiwa ni pamoja na kujipanga mstarini kwa nia ya kuwanusuru na kansa ya ngozi.

Dr. Rebeca Cammer akimuuliza maswali mtoto Maisha Msobi juu ya uono mara baada ya kuvalishwa miwani maalum kwa macho kuona taswira za mbali.

Dr. Rebeca Cammer akijaribu kuona kama zoezi limefanikiwa kwa uono wa mtoto Masanja mara baada ya kukabidhiwa miwani ya macho itakayomsaidia kuona mbali ubaoni wakati wa masomo darasani.

Wengine mbali na kupewa miwani walipewa lensi maalum kwaajili ya kusomea.

Kutokana na kuwa na uwezo mdogo wa nguvu ya macho ya mtoto huyu ajulikanaye kwa jina la Thabitha alikabidhiwa miwani aina mbili kutokana na vipimo alivyofanyiwa vya macho kugundua zitakazo msaidia kuona mbali na karibu.

Vilevile kulikuwa na kifaa hiki maalum kilicho na uwezo kama darubini kwaajili ya kuona mbali.

Vipimo vikiendelea toka kwa Dr. Rebeca.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari wakati wa kukabidhi vifaa hivyo meneja wa shirika hilo nchini Tanzania Vick Mtetema amesema kuwa shirika lake limefarijika sana kukamilisha ahadi hiyo lililoiweka mwezi wa sita mwaka huu kama sehemu ya kuwawezesha katika elimu wanafunzi wenye uono hafifu ambao wamekuwa wakitengwa na wamekuwa wakitaabika kuona katika kujisomea au wakati wa mafunzo darasani.

Watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi wanamatatizo mawili makubwa yanayo wakabili ikiwa ni pamoja na kansa ya ngozi ambapo hulazimika kuvaa mashati marefu na kofia, pamoja na tatizo la uono hafifu ambalo suluhisho lake ni kupatiwa miwani au vifaa maalum kukabiliana na tatizo hilo.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Chege akipandisha mzuka.

Temba akifanya vitu vyake kwenye kinasa.

Dj Ritchie kutoka bongo dj hapa ni shughuli tuuu!!.

Misosi nayo ilikuwa ya kumwagaz.

TMK wakila pozi na fan wao baada ya makamuzi

Wazee wa TMK wakiwa na promota wao kabla ya show 1857

Miss Jestina(katikati) akila pozi na wadau walimiminika kula good time kwenye show ya TMK.

Kutoka kushoto Muddy,dj Ritchie, Kova Jnr na Dj rule

URBAN PULSE CREATIVE Imekushushia matukio haya katika show ya TMK iliyofanyika london, Ilford ukumbi wa Empire Suite jumamosi tarehe 3 septemba 2011. Asanteni,

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Mashindano ya Mbio za Rock City Marathon yamemalizika leo kwa kishindo jijini Mwanza kwa washindi kupatikana nao kutunukiwa zawadi zao.Mbio za km 21 kwa upande wa wanaume Godfrey Chacha toka mkoa wa Mara ameibuka kuwa mshindi wa kwanza na kujinyakulia kitita cha shilingi laki tano , mshindi wa pili ni Godwin Mwita sh laki 3 na wa tatu ni mshiriki kutoka Mwanza Faustine Starehe, mshindi wa 4 hadi 21 wote wametoka na kifuta jasho cha shilingi elfu tisini kila mmoja na wa 22 hadi 50 kifuta jasho shilingi elfu 30.

Mbio za km 21 kwa upande wa wanawake Jackline Juma toka mkoani Arusha ameibuka mshindi na kuzawadiwa shilingi laki 5, mshindi wa pili Natalie Elisante (Ar) shilingi laki 3 na aliyeibuka nafasi ya 3 ni Sara Maja wa Kilimanjaro aliyejinyakulia shilingi laki 2, mshindi wa 4 hadi wa 10 wameondoka na kifuta jasho cha shilingi elfu 90 kila mmoja.

Mbio za km 5 zilizo kuwa na washiriki 35 upande wa wanaume, Mohamed Dole toka Arusha ameibuka nafsi ya kwanza, Doto Ikangaa nafsi ya pili akitokea Arusha na nafasi ya tatu imetwaliwa na mshiriki kutoka mkoa wa Singida Paschar Ramadhani.

Wanawake km 5 zilizokuwa na washiriki 21, mshiriki kutoka mkoani Mara Veronika Titus ameibuka mshindi wa kwanza, mshindi wa pili Neema Maiko na watatu Hawa Hezebin toka Mwanza.

Mbio zilizo tia fora nia za km 3 kwa Wazee ambapo washiriki walikuwa 18 wote wakijinyakulia mkwanja wa shilingi elfu 25 kila mmoja . Mshindi wa kwanza katika mbio hizo akiwa mzee Stanslaus Mahane, wa pili mzee Elias Kagoma na wa tatu mzee Mohamed Wawa wote kutoka Mwanza.

Macho ya wengi yalizama kwenye mbio za washiriki walemavu wa ngozi zilizokuwa na washiriki 11 ambapo wote walizawadiwa shilingi elfu 25 kila mmoja, zilizoshuhudia Maneno Enock wa Mwanza akiibuka mshindi nafasi ya kwanza, Fadhili Marko (Mz) akiinyakua nafasi ya pili naye Japhet John (Mz) kuambulia nafasi ya tatu.

Kauli mbiu ya Rock city Marathon 2011 ni TUTANGAZE UTALII KUPITIA MICHEZO.